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Several problems
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"ARI Stream Quiz" WordPress plugin
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TOPIC: Several problems
Several problems 1 Month ago Karma: 0
Hi! I've enabled a page refresh during page change (in quiz general settings). And in the quiz settings, I chose to show 2 questions per page. There are 25 questions in total. So, there will be 12 reloads. After I did it, I noticed several problems:

1. An image on the first question is shown okay. Starting from the second question (when "?asq_reload=***" is added to URL) the images disappear. And there is a giant blank space between question's title and options. Here is a piece of code: ibb.co/pL0VHMj (img src is changed for some reason - maybe it creates the problem?) . And here is, how this gap looks like: ibb.co/g6RVQxK . I found the solution, that can help: I disabled lazy load in your plugin's general settings. And everything works okay. However, I don't want to disable lazy load for every quiz' images. Can you fix it somehow?

2. After I've enabled a page refresh, and 2 questions per page, I noticed, that the quiz becomes cached even for other users. And when somebody tries to pass a quiz, he answers 2 questions, and instead of next question, the result is shown (with answers already checked - made by other user, or the same user). This didn't happen, when I used all questions on the same page, and without page reload. I was able to find the solution: I've excluded the quiz page from being cached, and everything works fine. However, I don't want to disable cache for such quizzes. Is there any other way to solve the problem? I guess, that in general settings disabling "Preloading quizzes" option can help as well? But I don't want to use AJAX for any quiz. I prefer quizzes preload.

3. Anybody can copy quiz URL (with "?asq_reload=***" ending), and share it with other users. But then the quiz won't include all the questions. For example, if I'll pass 10 questions from 25, and copy quiz' URL, then other users will see 15 questions. Other 10 questions will be checked already. Or if the user will copy quiz' URL after he passes it, then other users will see the result with already checked answers, not a 'fresh' quiz. So, is there any way, how you can fix it? So this link will always lead to quiz start. Not a continuing.

Here is the quiz on my website: litfan.ru/testy/test-na-pisatelskie-sposobnosti/ . Right now, I have this page excluded from being cached. And lazy load is disabled for quiz images as well.

If you won't be able to view the page, then my antibot got you. You can view it with VPN, depending of the country settings.

Please, help with every problem. Thanks!
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