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Need help setting up Flicker in Anywhere
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TOPIC: Need help setting up Flicker in Anywhere
Need help setting up Flicker in Anywhere 9 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 0
I have been using ARIcolorbox ANYWHERE for perhaps several years in the
{aricolorbox activeType="ilistmg" dir="...
mode. We have at least 50 image galleries and add 3 or 4 each month. We are approaching our 3GB limit on the server hosting Joomla! and thus need to move our images onto a site where we have essentially unlimited storage. I'm trying to migrate the images to Flickr.

I read the documentation for ARIcolorbox ANYWHERE and saw that it recommends using a module, but
a) Does creating 50+ modules make sense? That seems to be conrary to CMS philosophy. I'd like my publishers to be able to do it. I also presume that the is more overhead in modules than articles.
b) If I put the code in an article then my authors can do it by modfying a 'baseline' article - just copy and paste a few strings.
c) I don't know how to get at the GUI you mention for doing it with a module.

I've tried many permutations of what I think should be done, but none give me a gallery or slideshow. What am I missing?
Note: In the examples below, I've replaced some digits with dots as I presume that I don't want to display actual URL string.

Attempt 1:
{aricolorbox activeType="flickr" source="photoset" photosetId="72157........4495"}{/aricolorbox}

Attempt 2:
{aricolorbox activeType="flickr" source="photoset" userId="116....8@X.0" photosetId="72157........4495"}{/aricolorbox}

Attempt 3:
{aricolorbox activeType="flickr" source="photoset" userId="116....8@X.0" photosetId=72157........4495}{/aricolorbox}

Attempt 4:
{aricolorbox activeType="flickr" source="photoset" userId="116....8@X.0" photosetId="[72157........4495]"}{/aricolorbox}

I've tried other combinations - if I had sucess I wouldn't be here! <grin>

The values for user and set are lifted from the URL when I am connected to Flicker. here doesn't seem to be anything else required.

Some comments upon your built-in documentation:

a) when you list parameters, it would be nice to indicate which (if any) are required and if required, show a default value.

b) It would be nice to have a couple of examples so that the reader can differentiate between documentation punctuation and characters that are syntactically significant. For example, you seem to use apostrophes in some cases such a
and in other places you use quotation characters, as in ="xyz"
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Re:Need help setting up Flicker in Anywhere 9 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 739

Have your entered Flickr API key in plugin settings?

The following plugin code should work:

{aricolorbox activeType="flickr" source="photoset" userId="116....8@X.0" photosetId="72157........4495"}{/aricolorbox}

If Flickr API key is entered in "ARI Colorbox Anywhere" plugin settings. We can investigate the problem in more details if you provide a link to a page where we can see the problem and a temporary access to your J! backend by email.

ARI Soft
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Re:Need help setting up Flicker in Anywhere 9 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 0
Our social group has many activities and we generate many images recording them.
We are approaching the limit for storage on our server contract, so we are migrating the imags to a free Flickr account.
As a comparative novice I ran into a few problems, but after a few nudges from ARI Soft's support it is now working. Rather than leave this tread open, here is a wrap up.

First, here is the content of a Joomla! article that displays a gallery based on files in a local folder, clicking on any image starts a slide show.

<p>{aricolorbox moduleId="10021"}{/aricolorbox} 

Conversion to using Flickr

1) You must have a Flickr API key (a string of digits and characters) and a 'secret key' string as well. Think of it as an account and a password. You get it by going to the Flickr site, and at the bottom of the page find the link for AP Garden and within that click on Get API key. Fill in the appropriate form - non-commercial or ommercial to get your keys.

2) In Joomla! Control Panel -> Extensions -> Plug-in Manager
Filter: Anywhere -> Search
Select and edit "System - ARI Colorbox Anywhere"
On the right, scroll down and find "Choose type:" and select "Flickr gallery" from the drop down.
Paste in your Flickr API key
Paste in your Flickr secret key
You may leave the Flickr token empty.
Save and Close the plug-in form.

3) Connect to your Flickr account
Upload your images into a "SET".
Display the set as a slide show and copy the URL from the browser address bar to the clipboard. It will look like the following.
Note: I have obfuscated values by substituting "x"s for digits/

4) Create your Joomla! article to reference the gallery. Be sure to be in "plain text" mode, not the WYSIWYG editor mode.


<p>{aricolorbox activeType="flickr" source="photoset"
thumbWidth="70" thumbHeight="70" thumbType="resize" 
type="gallery" itemCount="4"} 

By specifying the activeType in both articles rather than rely upon the default, it is possible to have both types active in the site, which makes migration simple.
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