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  • 20/07/2014 Joomla! responsive carousel

    We are glad to announce responsive and mobile friendly Joomla! 3d image carousel called "ARI Cloud Carousel Pro". See it in action here.

  • 25/04/2014 Meet "ARI Smart Book" extension

    ARI Smart Book is a new Joomla! flipping book extension which helps to create digital magazines, books, portfolios, brochures and many more easily.

    The extension provides a ton of options to configure it. It is possible to zoom-in/zoom-out, show it fullscreen, share on popular social networks, divide publications by categories and a lot of other things. You can see it in action on our demo site.

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Joomla Components arrow ARI Smart Content: Image Pack

Price: $ 25

ARI Smart Content: Image Pack is a Joomla component which is a simple version of ARI Smart Content extension. ARI Smart Content: Image Pack is a collection of plugins to work with images and create different effects for images in Joomla system. You don't need to find and pay for different Joomla! components for creating thumbnail and stylish popup for showing images, zoom and magnifier effects for images from Joomla! articles, for organizing simple images gallery. Now you receive it in one package and pay only once, the component is also expandable and it allows to add new plugins which you can find in plugins repository. ARI Smart Content: Image Pack contains the following plugins for customizing your Joomla! content:

  • ARI Fancy Thumbnail provides ability to create thumbnails for images and shows it in in a Mac-style popup. You can use it in your Joomla! articles and content for creating simple image gallery or showing single image thumbnail in popup. It contains some options for customization.
  • ARI JZoom lets you to show a magnifier window near the image. It can create thumbnails for zooming images automatically. You can use it for showing parts of needed image in more detail.
  • ARI Magnifier is plugin which brings nice magnification effect to your images and lets you view pictures in detail, also it provides ability for creating thumbnails.
  • ARI JFancyBox is used for displaying image(s) or any content in a Mac-style popup. It's a very stylish popup for your Joomla! system and it does your content more attractive.
  • ARI JDialog can create a floating window in Joomla system that contains a title bar and a content area. The dialog window can be moved, resized and closed. It can contain any HTML content.
  • ARI JReflection allows you to add instantaneous reflection effects to images from your Joomla articles in modern browsers.
  • ARI JCarousel 3D creates images carousel from image folder or VirtueMart catalog.
  1. Can I combine plugins in some way?

    Sure. For example, you can use SQLTable plugin to get data from database and render the table and you can wrap it with FlexTable plugin to make it sortable and resizable:
    {arijflexgrid resizable="false" striped="true" showToggleBtn="true"}
                {arisqltablecolumn id="ID" alias="ID"}
                {arisqltablecolumn id="NAME" alias="UserName"}
                SELECT id AS ID,name AS NAME FROM #__users
ARI Smart Content: Image Pack is compatible with Joomla! 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0. The component requires PHP 4.2+ and MySQL 4.1+.

This extension should be used if you don't need all the power of ARI Smart Content.

Demo and description


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