CSV files

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Use this data provider to select data from CSV files. It is possible to work with local and remote CSV files. One note, if you work with large amount of data (about several thousands records), it is preferable to store data in a database because it will work more slowly with CSV.

On this page administrator can

  1. Create a new data source using "New" button.
  2. Edit an existing data source by clicking it's name or by selecting checkbox at left of appropriate data source and clicking "Edit" button.
  3. Remove data sources by selecting checkbox at left of appropriate data sources and clicking "Delete" button.

Create/edit data source

The following parameters can be defined for data source:

If you don't know what value to select, set it to Auto-detect. It should work fine in most cases.

"Filters" section contains parameters to filter data from the file:

Other parameters are the same like for SQL queries.