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If you want to add the lightbox to <A> element, set "rel" attribute of <A> element to sexylightbox value. If you want to group several elements and show navigation buttons in the lightbox for elements from one group, set "rel" attribute to sexylightbox[GROUPNAME] value. Where GROUPNAME is a group name. Examples:

<a href="" rel="sexylightbox" title="Sample site">ARI Soft</a>


<a href="images/image01.jpg" rel="sexylightbox[myalbum]" title="Image 01"><img src="images/thumbnails/image01.jpg" /></a>

<a href="images/image02.jpg" rel="sexylightbox[myalbum]" title="Image 02"><img src="images/thumbnails/image02.jpg" /></a>


A lot of parameters on plugin settings page are the same as common parameters for ARI Sexy Lightbox module. The plugin contains the following unique parameters:

Load is used to specify if the plugin should load javascript and CSS files for the lightbox on each page ("Always" value) or only on pages where the lightbox is used ("Auto" value).

Tips and tricks

If you use a WYSIWYG switch it to plain mode before inserting a HTML code. WYSIWYG editors don't support ability to insert a HTML code in design mode.

If you want to use an image as a link, use the next HTML code for an image instead of text link:

<img src="LINK_TO_IMAGE" />

Where LINK_TO_IMAGE is a link to an image.