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By default plugin works only in Joomla! articles. If you want to use it in any content, set "Mode" parameter to "Anywhere" in plugin settings.

If you use a WYSIWYG editor, it usually allows you to resize images through a handle like in Microsoft Word. After adding an image, click on the image and then resize it. The plugin will create a thumbnail with lightbox effect for that image automatically.

An image can be also resized if a new image "width" and "height" is defined directly in a HTML code. For example images/my_photo.jpg image has 800 x 600 dimensions and you want to create a thumbnail with 400 x 300 dimensions. Use the following HTML code for the image:

<img src="images/my_photo.jpg" width="400" height="300" />


<img src="images/my_photo.jpg" style="width: 400px;height: 300px;" />


A lot of parameters on plugin settings page are the same as common parameters for ARI Sexy Lightbox module. The plugin contains the following unique parameters:

Mode is used to specify if the plugin should load javascript and CSS files for the lightbox on each page ("Always" value) or only on pages where the lightbox is used ("Auto" value).

Single mode indicates if the extension should show only one image into the lightbox without navigation between other images or not.

Ignore remote images is used to skip processing image from remote servers.

Specific CSS classes is used if you want to process images only with specific CSS class.

Tips and tricks

If you want the plugin to ignore some images, add nothumb CSS class to these images (with the help of a WYSIWYG editor or directly in images HTML code).

If you want to use the plugin only for images with specific CSS classes, enter CSS class names in "Specific CSS classes" parameter in plugin settings. For example if you want to use the plugin for images with thumb or lightbox CSS class, populate "Specific CSS classes" parameter with the value:

The plugin supports ability to ignore images from remote servers, for this set "Ignore remote images" parameter to "Yes".