F.A.Q. and Troubleshooting



1.I changed a question but don't see the changes on frontend.

You don't see new version of the question until complete previous quiz session. When you complete previous quiz session and take the quiz again, you will see new version of the question.

2.Quiz results is not shown at end of a quiz.

See Results settings Choose template type and Results settings Show detailed results parameters on quiz settings page.

3.I see images in questions on backend when edit questions, but don't see them on frontend.

It can be a problem with Joomla! SEF. Set Fix base URL parameter to "Yes" on Configuration page to fix this problem.

4.How to add audio/video files to questions?

It is possible to use Joomla! content plugins in question text. For this set Additional settings Parse plugin tag parameter to "Yes" in quiz settings. After this you can use a content plugin which embeds video or audio files. For example use AllVideos plugin.

5.How to use Google AdSense (or other ads system) with "ARI Quiz"?

By default "ARI Quiz" uses AJAX to load questions. It means question page is not reloaded during a quiz session so if you show banners through Google AdSense (or other similar system), it will not be changed when question is changed. ARI Quiz Reloader plugin reloads page when a user clicks "Save" or "Skip" button and it helps refresh banners on loading each question.

6.How to embed quizzes from "ARI Quiz" into article or any other content?

You can use ARI Quiz Anywhere plugin. Demo page of the plugin you can see here.

7.Is it possible to upgrade "ARI Quiz Lite" to "ARI Quiz" and save all data (quizzes, questions and etc.) created in "ARI Quiz Lite"?

Sure, uninstall "ARI Quiz Lite" extension and then install "ARI Quiz" extension. All data from "ARI Quiz Lite" will be available in "ARI Quiz" after upgrade. We recommend to create database backup before upgrade.

8.How to change orientation (portrait/landscape) for PDF certificates?

Add the following code to a text template:


9.Is it possible to create paid subscriptions for quizzes?

Yes, it is possible. Read about it here.