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Open "Components → ARI Quiz → Config" page on Joomla! backend to configure the extension. Click by "Options" button to configure default ACL rules.

Configuration parameters are grouped by categories and it is possible to switch between them using tabs.

Main settings

Enable SEF if SEF is enabled in Joomla! settings and the parameter is set to 'Yes', the extension will use router.php file which is included into the extension to create SEF links.

Editor is used to select an editor which will be used by the extension on backend.

Default question type the extension will propose to create a new question with selected question type by default.

Redirect URL is redirect link which will be used on frontend when an error occurs.

Default theme is theme which will be used by the extension on frontend by default.

Fix base URL if Joomla! SEF is enabled and you don't see images in questions on frontend, set this parameter to 'Yes' to fix the problem.

Enable ACL if the parameter is set to 'Yes', it is possible to manage actions which can users from different user groups on backend. You can read about ACL in Joomla! here. It doesn't work on Joomla! 1.5.

Complete uninstall if the parameter is set to 'Yes', 'ARI Quiz' tables will be deleted from Joomla! database when the extension is uninstalled. Set this parameter to 'Yes', only if you want to delete all information about quizzes, questions, results and etc.

Auto scroll is use to enable/disable auto scroll to top of a quiz (to specific question) during a quiz when a page with questions changes.

If you want to change some parameters, set them to appropriate values and click "Save & Close" button.