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ARI Thumbnail component has been upgraded

We are glad to inform you about new version of ARI Thumbnail component. Version 1.0.1 has customer-requested functionality to generate the thumbnails for all images in folder/fodlers (including sub-folders or not). Feature list:

* Nice thumbnails for images
* Customizable plugin (mambot)
* Group items to view them as gallery
* Ability to generate thumbnails for images in folder/folders (including sub-folders or not)
* Thumbnail autogeneration feature - do more need to have both thumbnail and large image
* Customize opacity, zoom speed in and out
* Works in both Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.0.x
* Works in Firefox and its friends; Internet Explorer 6,7; Opera; Safari

The product is easy to use. To create a thumbnail, you should install the component and provide the valid license key in Components -> ARI Thumbnail -> License section. After that you will be able to use plugin (mambot) with the folowing syntax:
src - Path to the image. (Mandatory)
srcSmall - Path to the thumbnail. If not indicated then thumbNail will be automatically generated using thumbWidth and thumbHeight attributes. If one of these attributes is skipped then the thumbnail will be generated using the indicated attribute and initial picture proportion. Thumbnail autogeneration feature needs GD, ImageMagick or magickwand library installed. (Optional)
srcDir - Indicating folder (or folders separated by ";") lets to display thumbnails for all images in directory/directories. This can be done including subfolders if includeSubDirs is true (true by default).
includeSubDirs - see srcDir description.
title - Image caption. (Optional)
thumbWidth - Width of thumbnail to be generated from the initial image. (Optional)
thumbHeight - Height of thumbnail to be generated from the initial image. (Optional)
group - all images with the same "group" attribute will be displayed as image gallery. (Optional)
hideOnContentClick - Hides image view when clicked on zoomed item. (Optional, false by default)
zoomSpeedIn - Speed in milliseconds of the zooming-in animation. (Optional, no animation if 0)
zoomSpeedOut - Speed in milliseconds of the zooming-out animation. (Optional, no animation if 0)
overlayShow - If true, shows the overlay. (Optional, false by default)
overlayOpacity - Opacity of overlay. (Optional, from 0 to 1)