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Error with AriDoc, not displaying documents
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TOPIC: Error with AriDoc, not displaying documents
Error with AriDoc, not displaying documents 3 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 0

We are having problems with AriDoc -- please note that this was working fine and there have been no issues up until this week with it.

The first one displays *sometimes* and the middle one displays "Whoops!" while the bottom says that no preview is available. These all were working previously.

The console view shows errors which may/may not be related.


This page exhibits similar actions, where the view is not working.

The following are the console errors, I've expanded the first for your benefit:

GET https://drive.google.com/viewerng/meta?id=ACFrOgAzCjzwADrmH566HGW5zB0PDW3pF…Qa3NLFIh0ODWVVNyTb846MXBOYNE7pjVCLFM1v4deEh6h8v3p5xWjcJGVMkdYCy9SXyMgOyGQ= 400 (Bad Request) rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:801RF.send rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:801vR rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:1304xR rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:1304(anonymous function) rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:7q rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:391as rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:391g.Gg rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:1553DX rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:1547BX.I rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:1546oV.l rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:1453Zf rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:92g.L rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:91Ju.setActive rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:472$4.show rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:1907(anonymous function) rs=AC2dHMKrTTFhJuUPe9UYqnHvLg3NXemx0w:1908(anonymous function) VM714 viewer?url=http://www.fbpe.org//documents/published/Licensure/Other%2520Forms-Licensure/Licen…:1
GET https://content.googleapis.com/drive/v2internal/about?fields=importFormats,kind&key=AIzaSyDVQw45DwoYh632gvsP5vPDqEKvb-Ywnb8 401 (Unauthorized) cb=gapi.loaded_0:100
GET https://content.googleapis.com/drive/v2internal/apps?fields=items(authorize…fault),kind&languageCode=en-US&key=AIzaSyDVQw45DwoYh632gvsP5vPDqEKvb-Ywnb8 400 (Bad Request) cb=gapi.loaded_0:100 

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Re:Error with AriDoc, not displaying documents 3 Years ago Karma: 670

It seems Google is updating their service (Google Docs) and it causes some problems (for example shows "Whoops" message). We suppose they fix it in nearest time.

ARI Soft
The administrator has disabled public write access.
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