"File Loader" plugin

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"ARI Smart Content - File Loader" plugin embed files into Joomla! content. The plugin can be enabled/disabled and configured on "Extensions → Plugin Manager" page on Joomla! backend. Common information how to use "ARI Smart Content" applications plugins is here. {file} plugin tag is used for the plugin. The following code  embeds <joomla_directory>/template/license.txt file into content:

{file path="template/license.txt"}{/file}

It is possible to use variables in files. Files can be used as simple templates with this feature. For example a template for news can be created:

<h3 class="news-title">{$title}</h3>

<div class="box">

       <div class="box-in news-content">




{$title} and {$content} variables are used in the sample content above. The following plugin code will embed the file and replace {$title} with Sample news value and {$content} with Just a sample content value:

{file path="templates/news.txt"}

       {var name="title"}Sample news{/var}

       {var name="content"}Just a sample content{/var}


Plugin code syntax

The following attributes can be used for {file} tag:

Possible to use {var} tag inside {file} tag to define values for variables from embedded files. Value of the variable are placed between {var} and {/var} tags. The following attributes can be used for {var} tag: