"Cloud Carousel" module

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"ARI Smart Content - Cloud Carousel" module shows 3d image carousel in module positions. The module can be enabled/disabled and configured on "Extensions → Module Manager" page on Joomla! backend. The module offers the following parameters:

"Lightbox integration" section contains parameters which are used to integrate the carousel with a lightbox extension. If the carousel is integrated with a lightbox extension, images (or web pages) will be shown into the lightbox when a user clicks by a carousel image. It will work if the selected data source contains thumbnails and images and the carousel shows thumbnails (see Use thumbnails parameter) or links to web pages are defined for images in the data source (for example in description file for Local images). The section contains the following parameters:

"Styles parameters" section contains parameters to define some style properties of the carousel:

#{$id}_wrapper .ari-cloud-carousel-title {color:#FF9900;}

"Carousel parameters" section contains the following parameter: