"ARI Sexy Lightbox" is a package which contains Joomla! module and plugins that provide a possibility to show image galleries, Flickr and Picasa photo galleries, Joomla! modules and articles, external pages and HTML content in a sexy popup.

Main features

Provides user friendly interface;

Can display external pages, YouTube videos, QuickTime movies, Vimeo videos, Flash objects, inline content, Joomla! modules and articles;

Supports keyboard navigation;

Can display images and content in slideshow mode;

Provides an ability to create image galleries based on images from specific folder(s). Can generate thumbnails and cache data for decreasing server loading. Supports gallery mode (shows all images on a page) and single image mode (shows the first thumbnail and provides a possibility for navigations between gallery images);

Can display Flickr photos based on Flickr photoset ID(s), user ID(s), group ID(s) or collection ID(s). Allows to show hidden photos;

Can show Picasa albums;

Provides a possibility to disable right click of mouse button;

Supports 10 themes: white and black, Spanish black and Spanish white, French black and French white, Fancy white and black, Old white and black;

Is highly customizable;

Supports different layout themes;

Can show lightbox automatically when a page is loaded;

Supports a possibility to show additional image parameters (such as description, title and so on) which you can define in CSV file;

Works with RTL Joomla! templates;

Allows to change gallery layout. It requires minimum HTML knowledge;

Provides the following methods for generating thumbnails:

       resize - resize an original image to necessary size with saving aspect ratio;

       crop - get part of an original image with necessary size and offset;

       crop and resize - get part of an original image with necessary size and offset and resize it to necessary size.

Can rotate thumbnails and apply grayscale filter;

Can display module in Joomla! articles with the help of "ARI Sexy Lightbox" plugin;

Comes with "System - ARI Sexy Lightbox" plugin which helps use plugin on any page. It requires a little HTML knowledge;

Supports an ability to create thumbnails and add lightbox effect for inline images in Joomla! content. Only wrap necessary content with {arisexylightbox} tag;

Allows to show VirtueMart products images, menu items or other content in the lightbox (use "ARI Sexy Links" plugin for this purpose);

Works in modern browsers: IE6+, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and others;

Is open source and under GNU/GPL license.