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Follow installation instructions step by step. If an installation step is marked with * symbol, this step can be skipped.

1. Download archive in "Member Area" on our site and unzip it to a folder on your local machine.

2. Important! Install "ARI Sexy Lightbox" module. Installation process of "ARI Sexy Lightbox" module is described here. Install the module even if you want to use only plugin(s) from "ARI Sexy Lightbox" package because the module contains shared files which are used by the plugins. This approach is used to reduce the size of the plugins and update core files only in one place. If you use Joomla! 1.6+, "System - ARI Extensions" plugin will be installed automatically during the installation of the module. Don't uninstall and disable the plugin because it is required for the correct operation of the extension.

3*. Install plugin(s) which you want to use on your site from extension's package. The description of each plugin can be found in a related topic of this documentation.