F.A.Q. and troubleshooting



1. I'm using "ARI Sexy Lightbox Lite" plugin and now I want to use "ARI Sexy Lightbox" extension. How can I to replace one extension with another one?

Uninstall "Content - ARI Sexy Lightbox Lite" plugin and install System - ARI Sexy Lightbox instead. The lightbox will work in all places where "ARI Sexy Lightbox Lite" was used before.

2. How can I upgrade the extension?

The latest version of the extension is always available in "Member Area" on our site. Upgrade process of the module/plugin is the same as installation process, it doesn't require uninstalling previous version of the module (plugin). After installation the previous version of the module (plugin) will be updated to the latest version.


1. Setting revert back when I configure the module/plugin and save parameters.

Check that "System - ARI Extensions" plugin is installed and enabled. If it doesn't help, please contact us.

2. A plugin code is corrupted after saving an article.

If a plugin code looks like the following plugin code:

{arisexylightbox activeType="imglist" thumWidth="100" dir="images/photo"}{/arisexylightbox}</p>"

Open "Content -> Article Manager" page on Joomla! backend, click "Options" button in toolbar, open "Text Filters" tab and set "Filter Type" parameter to "No Filtering" for necessary user group. For example if you logged under super administrator account to Joomla! backend, set "Filter Type" to "No Filtering" for "Super Users" group:

3. I see only a plugin code instead of image gallery (Flickr or Picasa gallery and etc.)

If you use a WYSIWYG editor, switch it to plain text mode before inserting a plugin code. WYSIWYG editors can add extra HTML code or encode inserting code in design mode.

4. When I try to load a module into the lightbox, it doesn't work.

If you use "Module" content type and a module doesn't work in the lightbox correctly, it can be a problem with module implementation. In this case it is possible to load the module into an article and then load the article into the lightbox. The tutorial on how to load a module into an article is here. How to load articles into the lightbox read here.

5. I update parameter(s) for auto-generated thumbnails, but old thumbnails are loaded.

Try to clean Joomla! cache. For this open "Site -> Maintenance -> Clear Cache" page on Joomla! backend and delete cache.