Import from CSV file

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It is possible to import questions from CSV file to quiz. Sample CSV file can be downloaded here.

Short description of columns:

Type contains question type. Accepts the following values:







Question contains question text;

Note contains explanation for question;

Category contains name of question category;

Randomize indicates should answers will be shown in random order or not. Values: 0 or 1. This property makes sense for the following question types: Single Question, Multiple Question, Multiple Summing Question, Correlation Question, Correlation D&D Question;

View contains answers view mode. Values: Radio, DropDown. This property is acceptable only for Single Question;

Answers contains question answers;

Score on question row contains maximum score for question. On answer row can contain specific score for answer. See sample CSV file for more details;

Correct indicates correct answers. Values: 0 or 1;

Case Insensitive makes sense for Free Text Question. Values: 0 or 1;

Correlation contains correlation answers for Correlation Question and Correlation D&D Question questions. See sample CSV file for more details;

You can use Correct_{N} and Score_{N} columns where {N} is number which starts from 1 for additional answers variants. Currently it can be used for Multiple Question.

Note: currently HotSpot question type doesn't support. If you want to use non-english characters, save CSV file in UTF-8 encoding without BOM. OpenOffice application can be used to manage CSV files.

Import questions from CSV file

Click "CSV Import" button and popup with import parameters appears. Choose one of two options:

Upload file

If want to upload CSV file and import questions from it

Import from directory

If want to specify path to CSV file on your server and import questions from it.

Afte this click "Import" button in appropriate section ("Upload file" or "Import from directory").