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Create/edit bank question

The extension supports various questions types. Description of each question type is here.

Parameters on create/edit bank question page are divided into two groups:

oMain settings contains common parameters for all question types.

oSpecific question settings contains specific parameters for selected question type.

See below description of "Main settings" parameters:

ID is record number in the database. Can be used by a 3rd party extension to manipulate with the entity.

Category is a bank category to which the question belongs to. The question can be assigned to a bank category if you want to divide questions by topics or inherit ACL rules from selected bank category.

Question type is used to select question type.

Only correct answer is used in the next way: if the parameter is set to 'Yes', the question will be shown to a user again if an incorrect answer is selected.

Attempt count is used to limit user's attempt to get correct answer. If the parameter is set to 0, users will have unlimited number of attempts. This parameter makes sense when "Only correct answers" is enabled.

Score is a number of points which gain a quiz takes if gets correct answer for the question.

Penalty is a number of points which will be deducted if a user gives an incorrect answer.

Question is question text.

Explanation is used to enter explanation about correct and incorrect answers. It will be shown at end of the quiz in questions grid or during a quiz if Additional settings → Show explanation parameter in quiz settings is set to "Yes".

Description of specific question parameters can be found here.