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[Request] User can go back and change answer.
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TOPIC: [Request] User can go back and change answer.
[Request] User can go back and change answer. 7 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0
We are using ARI quiz for our companies exam system. We are a security education company in Florida.

Now the we fully plugged in the entire system and are almost ready to roll out our new system, it dawned on us that a test taker using Ari Quiz could not go back and change an answer on an exam that they formerly answered but now had doubts about.

We want to be sensitive to the fact that you guys are busy. How difficult would it be to program that ability in? I am not a programmer.

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Re:[Request] User can go back and change answer. 7 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 676

Could you explain your requirement, the system will contain new button 'Finish Quiz' and until an user clicks on this button, the component provides the ability to change answers?

ARI Soft
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Clarifying: User can go back and change answer. 7 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0
Hey guys,

Here is a fresh explanation of the feature you asked us to clarify.

We would like to see a student be able to navigate backward and foward through the questions of a quiz - AND - so that they can go back and change an answer for a previously answered question.


I am taking a history quiz. The first question asks "Who was the 3rd president of the United States?" I fill in what I think is the best answer.

Later during the quiz I remember something I studied that causes me to realize that I selected the incorrect president during that first question. On a paper exam, I would simply turn back to the previous question, erase my answer and put the correct one.

Not so in Ari-Quiz. As Ari Quiz currently stands, a student is stuck with an answer once they hit save. I can believe many users of ARI quiz would want their students to be able to go back and change their exams.

Some of my colleagues got excited (in a nervous way) when they found out I had chosen a quiz system which does not allow users to to back and change their answers.

You are correct that you would probably have to have a button that says "Finish Exam" (I think it is better wording than Quit). A question could pop up askinig "Are you sure you wish to submit all your answers and finish the quiz?" Then they could either hit FINISH or GO BACK

After hitting FINISH, the student could be shown a message saying "Your answers have been submitted. You are finished with this quiz."

Then the template for results could be shown.

EVEN BETTER - in the backend of Joomla, within the Ari Quiz component, allow the admin to set (for each quiz) whether the want the above option or not. A check box could be added under the settings of each quiz: "Allow quiz takers to go back and change their answers?" If set to yes, navigational buttons appear allowing them to navigate back and forth to change answers. If set to NO, the quiz would remain like ARI quiz currently looks.. where they simply hit SAVE or SKIP.

Some admins may want students to be able to go back, some may not. Giving users the options just makes this a better component, more likely to be purchased.

REmember, once you create a component like Ari-Quiz, you are now dealing with people in the educational world, not just web admins (I used to teach school and I have a masters in instructional design. I can definitely speak for the educational field in saying that many people would prefer these options).



(If you do this, and one of our other requests, ARI QUIZ will out perform the widely used VCE testing system!)

Allow students to "mark" questions.

We currently use VCE (Visual Cert Exam ) www.visualcertexam.com at our copmnay. This tool allows a student to click a check box on any question. Doing so puts a mark by that question. At any time during the exam (in VCE) a student can click a button that shows all the questions they put a mark by. From that list of "marked questions" the student can click on any question and jump right to it.... change the answer, etc...

Why is this valuable? Well, in an exam that is longer (i.e. 100 questions like ours) it may take the student a long time to click navigational buttons to navigate back through 75 questions to find a certain question they wanted to go back and look at (assuming they can find it). This is especially true in Joomla where an entire page refresh has to occur between each question.

If they can mark questions, jump to a list of marked questions, and click on a question from that list... it makes it much easier to get back to questions they were not sure about and wanted to go back and review before comitting to an answer.

(IF you wish, we can set you up with a login for one of our exams where you can see exactly what I am talking about when I refer to "marking" questions. Just let know.
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Re:Clarifying: User can go back and change answer. 7 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 676
Thanks for your explanation and suggestions, we try to implement all of these features in the next major release which we are going to release at the end of this month.

PS: Thanks for your choosing of our component and sorry that it doesn't contain some important features for your needs, but we are constantly working on improvement of "ARI Quiz" and customer's recommendations help us do the component more powerful and useful.

ARI Soft
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Re:Clarifying: User can go back and change answer. 7 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0
Thanks to you guys for all you do. If you feel like customers are not satisfied with your product (because we keep asking for improvements), just remind yourself that they chose ARI- Quiz over the competition because it is already one of the better products for the price! So you've definitely been doing something right. Keep up the good work!!!
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