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Flora transparent corner
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TOPIC: Flora transparent corner
Flora transparent corner 7 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0
Hello again,
Sorry to disturb, I want to consult the Admin about a question. When activating flora theme, the transparent floral png is over the thumbnail and his dimensions "hide" the clickable HREF as seen on this portion of the code :


  <div class="apretty-outer">
    <div class="apretty-shadow">&nbsp;</div>
      <div class="apretty-inner">
   <div class="apretty-image">
    <a title="" rel="" href="...">
    <img width="152" height="80" border="0" alt="" src="/cache/..."></a>
           <div class="apretty-cap"></div>
<div class="apretty-title"></div>

My question is, can the div with the class "apretty-cap" be clickable with the same href as the image thumbnail ? I know also that a DIV can't be embed in a A HREF , but I have in mind some simple java script with onmouseclick event. Then is the problem with the users that don't have java or have it blocked/disabled. Since the links are inline elements, i was thinking at the use of SPAN, still this workaround don't work fine with the table data of the main table. When someone has the time to look into this matter it would be nice. The quick solution that i found is to make a square, as little as it could be and put it on the corner of thumbnail with the help of the .ari-theme-flora .apretty-cap in CSS. Other one, in case of use of a border only in the upper corner, is to use the z-index: 1; to put the border in the back of the thumbnail . Users normally focus theirs clicks on the center of the image, tested with a mouse click heat-map, so far so good.

Link to test.

Have a nice day .
Last Edit: 2010/11/12 19:15 By decorientale.Reason: Result/Test link added.
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Re:Flora transparent corner 7 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 672

It seems you have change "z-index" property of flora image container and <A> tag which contains thumbnail and it works?

ARI Soft
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Re:Flora transparent corner 7 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0
Yes it works, still I knock my dead over the walls to find a solution to "embed" the corner floral to image, even I will have to "watermark" the photos dynamically with the help of GD or ImageMagic . I will not use java since not all users have java enabled. This is a small detail that don't matter , the gallery works like a charm !
I will share the solution if I don't give up first ! Cheers !
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